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About the Unofficial Zama American High School Alumni Pages


Here are a few 'facts and figures' about this site.


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What is this Site?

This site is dedicated to the alumni and friends of Zama American High School, located at Camp Zama, Japan. 

This is an American High school for dependents of American serviceman, Civilian Contractors, etc, living in Japan in the Kanto Plains region, Kanagawa prefecture,  Including the U.S. installations of:
Camp Zama, Sagamihara DPH,  Atsugi NAS, Depot, The Zama Hospital area, Fuchinobe, Drake, and a few others scattered around.

You may also notice that this site mostly has info from the 60s,70s, and 80s.  Yes .. it is an Alumni Site - we welcome info, pictures, and tidbits from ALL classes including our brothers and sisters from the 90s, 00s, and beyond -- but mostly the older folks get nostalgic about the 'good old daze' and that is where most of the stuff comes from (donated to the site).

You may have noticed that there are TWO Zama alumni sites:  this one and the 'official' alumni site -- why are there 2?

Cause it is fun :)  check out both of them -- join the Zama Alumni Association, participate in their message board (link on the left) and other activities,  this site is for pictures, graphics, memorabilia, etc.   

The official  Zama Alumni Association has a web site.  It is at http://www.zamaalum.net.

They have a message board and the organization publishes annual membership rosters, sponsors reunions, sponsors trips back to zama, and many other things.

They have yearly dues, and function as an Association. (the Zama Alumni Association)

This site, is an 'unofficial' Zama Alumni Site hosted by Spydercat.  What 'unofficial' means, is that we have no dues, there are no elected officers, etc -- it is not a chartered organization.  We just like to post pictures, news, items of interest about ZAHS, Camp Zama and surrounding areas.   It is a ad-hoc kind of place, so browse around and have fun.

Rick Pemble '72


Can I add content to this site?

Sure, that's what it is for.  Send things you want to post -- pictures, maps, links to your site, etc., etc., anything you want to.

We are starting to get some entries - but we would like lots more - don't be shy -- be a content provider -- ADD to the visual experience of the ZAHS alumni -- don't be a lurker!



The scene behind the ZAHSALUMNI.COM web site

Note:  This site is a collection of pictures and items sent in by various alumni.  Thanks!    It has gone past the time where I can verify everything that is submitted and subsequently posted.     If you see something that is copyrighted or protected material that should not be on this site -- please contact me so that the issue can be resolved.