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Hello Fellow Alumni!  Yes, It is that time of year Again!




BE SURE TO MARK JULY 2014 on your calendars!

  Konnichiwa to our dear alums around the world!

The ZAA is happy to announce that the all-class reunion will be held in July 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada! 

This past February, a location poll was taken on the ZAA website. The results showed that Las Vegas was the preferred location of the alumni who voted. There were approximately 325 alumni responses to the poll. Las Vegas received 29% of the votes and Seattle was a close second at 26%. We also asked alumni to vote on which month the reunion should be held in order to get the best attendance and July received 68% of the vote.

We have been contacting properties in Las Vegas and gathering information on room rates, function space and catering costs. We are looking at all weekend dates in July to find the lowest costs. We are targeting July 2013 as the timeframe where a decision on the dates and hotel property will be made. All the details will be sent to alumni members as soon as possible.

Arigato gozaimasu to everyone who provided input into the 2014 location! We think Las Vegas will be a great place to hold the next reunion and hope it will be the biggest one yet!

      William Kunkle





2005 Alumni Trip to Japan and Camp Zama
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October 3rd - 12th, 2005



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