ZAHS School Pictures

Zama American High School, Camp Zama, Japan, actually was several different schools at different times.  It was born in 1959 as a new building 'on the hill'.   In 1968, the high school was relocated into 2 wooden barracks close to the front gate and the Junior High (which had been there) was moved to the 'old'  High School. 

Those of us lucky enough to be in the class of 72, stayed in those barracks from junior high thru high school, since they switched from Jr high to Sr high at the beginning of our freshman year.

In 1980, a new high school was built 'on the hill' and, once again, the high school was back where it had begun.

Here are some pictures of the various high schools and eras donated by some of us lucky folks that were there and took them.

From the Zahs Yearbook, here is a good shot of both wooden barracks (high school from 68-80)

This photo was taken in the hallway at Zama American High School in 1959-1960.  This may be the reason that they already had to build a larger school.  As best as we can recall the people that we know are from left to right:  Lyle Bishop, Rod Hurlbert, Judy Frye (with back to camera), Henry Hino, Pat Hoffman ?, Patsy Canell, Paul Lashbrooke in checkered shirt, Betty Ganter, beside Paul is Tom De Klyen and the guy holding the books is Harold Phillips ?  Can't pick out anyone else. (Lyle Bishop '60)

Left end of Wooden Barracks Jul 1960


Right end of Wooden Barracks, Jul 1960

The same Wooden Barracks in April 1999.  This is the last one.  It is at the upper end (Closest to the school) of where all the Wooden Barracks were in 1960.  Is this the same building that was used for the ZAHS?

From the 1990 Yearbook


From the 1993 Yearbook