The ZAHS School Song(s)

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Zama Fight Song

as told by Florence Ashburner '74

Go team, go team, go team, let's go...

Fight team, fight team, fight team,
let's win tonight team!

Win team, win team, win team, let's win.....


That's the Trojan Battlecry

Victory for Zama High!

ZAHS School Song

With the black and white a floating, on high ZHS
Your name and fame we're shouting, as we cheer you to success.
As we march unfaltering forward, your future great we hail.
May glory never lessen and your courage never fail.

ZAHS School Song

As told By Ed Groden, Class of 67

To the tune of the Cornell University Alma Mater Song "High Above Cayuga's Waters"

In the shadows of Mt. Fuji
In a field of rice
Stands an old deserted out-house
Known as Zama High

All the walls are made of matchsticks
Paper for the doors
All the guys are dirty bastards
All the girls are whores